Friday, 28 October 2011

Jemma King On Popular Music, Tavistock Institute And Monarch Programming

We hear people talking about so called "artists" such as Lady Gaga. Most have a very naive view of what these popular icons are really about and make passing comments about the pornographic nature of the videos. There is a school of thought that none of these artists have any control over their work and are victims of project Monarch. Monarch is a mind control project ran by the CIA which involves taking control of individuals minds by using hypnosis and trauma. By controlling these artists minds and ensuring they are then given maximum exposure in the media, means the sadistic group that has abused them are controlling the minds of millions of young people. The music makes listeners switch off to the world around them, thus making them more controllable. "Oh it's just harmless videos", well not quite ... If your kids are listening to this crap you need to be concerned.

Watch video at richplanet

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